Brass Fasteners


Product Description

We are one of the leading fastener manufacturer and exporter. we provide a vast range of high quality fasteners according to its diverse applications. We use quality-approved raw materials as inputs for the production of our finished goods. We offer various types of brass screws and fasteners including Machine Screws, Wood Screws, Mirror Screws and Dom Nut. Wood screws and machine screws available in countersunk, Philips, raised, pan, round & cheese head. We also manufacture as per customer specifications, drawing and requirements. Thanks to our hands-on expertise in production for a wide range of fasteners, we have become preferred providers for many clients across the globe.

Product Range:

Brass Screw:

  • Brass Cheese head slotted screws
  • Brass Counter sunk head slotted screws
  • Brass Round head slotted screws
  • Brass Pan head slotted screws
  • Brass Raised head slotted screws
  • Brass Philips head screws
  • Brass Combination head screws
  • Brass Socket head screws
  • Brass Terminals screws for connector block
  • Brass Knurled slotted screws (Brass thumb screws)
  • Brass Slotted grub screws
  • Brass Special head screws
  • Brass Bindind Head Screw
  • Brass Screw with washer attached in any of above head

Brass Nuts:

  • Brass Hex Nuts
  • Brass Full Nuts
  • Brass Round Nuts
  • Brass Hex Lock Nuts
  • Hex Rivet Nuts
  • Brass Dome Nuts
  • Brass Square Nuts
  • Brass Wing Nuts
  • Brass Cap Nuts
  • Brass Jam Nuts
  • Brass Thumb Nuts

Brass Bolts:

  • Hex Head Bolt
  • Hex Head Bolt with Slot
  • Square Head Bolt
  • Square Head Bolt with Slot
  • Hex Head with Allan Key 
  • Lag Bolts
  • Carriage bolts
  • Connector Bolts
  • Door Bolts

Brass Washer:

  • Plain Washer
  • Split Lock Washer
  • Spring Washer
  • Teeth Washer
  • Square Washer

Brass Anchors:

  • Brass Anchoring Systems
  • Brass Spring Anchors
  • Brass Plain Anchors
  • Brass Wood Anchors
  • Brass Anchors with Thread
  • Brass Drop Anchors
  • Brass Sleeve Anchors
  • Brass Pool Anchors
  • Brass Weight Anchors
  • Brass Knurling Anchors
  • Brass Slotted Anchors
  • Brass Round Stud Anchors.

Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or BS 249 Type (I) or High Grade Any Special Material Composition as per customers requirement.

Finish & Coating: 
Natural, Nickle Plated, Silver Plated, Tin Plated and As per customer's Specification.

ISO Metric, BA, BSW, BSP, BSB, BSF, PG, NPT, NPTF, UNC, UNF, UNEF etc... & Any as per Customer's Specification

Begins from M2 or equivalent threads and up to any size as per Customer's Specification

Manufacturing Unit:
Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

In India as well as Foreign Countries

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